Here is a write-up from Mo at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant located on Bang Niang Beach Road in Bang Niang, Khao Lak.

I love to take morning walks on the beach. Depending on the tide I will walk from La Flora Resort in Bang Niang Beach, to the lighthouse on Nang Tong Beach. It’s about a 5 km round trip and if I’m short on time it takes me about an hour. Most of the time I will stop for a swim or explore the numerous tide pools. I find that people who exercise in the mornings are generally happy. I am a social person so I greet anyone I come into eye contact with. I see many of my customers as well so we stop for a quick chat. The beach walk isn’t hard and the scenery is lovely. The only challenge is getting past the small river mouth next to La Vela Resort. It can be anywhere from ankle deep to waist deep but it’s only 5 meters across and the current is slow. From November to April there is even a small floating platform to take you to the other side. During my walk I pass all the beachfront resorts and smile at the fact that I get to live here longer than two weeks.

“Where do I get my meat and produce?”

People ask me all the time, “Where do I get my meat and produce?” The answer is the Morning Market in Khuekkhak. Just past The Mohin Tara Hotel there is a turnoff that takes you to the market. The stalls open before sunrise and most of the vendors close around 10:30. Parking can be a challenge between 7am and 9am. The market has everything from vegetables and proteins to textiles and pet food. There is a very good small dim sum shop on one corner, a bus station on another where you can catch the overnight bus to Bangkok. There are food carts everywhere and it can be chaotic between 7 and 9am but that is the best time to go. There are also a few good wholesale shops for sundries and frozen items. Bartering isn’t suggested at this market. The prices are reasonable, otherwise the locals wouldn’t shop there. Most of the stalls and food carts close around 10:30 so get there early.

The World Famous Rusty Pelican has been serving quality homemade Mexican food for over 10 years. We use the freshest ingredients possible and cook with love and attention. For those of you who prefer something else, we offer a range of hot sandwiches to keep you happy. We are family friendly so there are kids options for the little ones. Our staff are friendly and helpful so ask us and we will try our best to accommodate. There is a full bar and our beer is ice cold. We have a pool table that is free to use, good music and free WIFI too!


The Rusty Pelican is located in the heart of Bang Niang Beach just behind the outdoor market. Bang Niang Beach Road is a must visit for all holiday makers. We look forward to serving you sometime in the future!

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