The Khao Lak webcam featured in this live video sits on top of a 3-storey building located in what is generally considered the Khao Lak centre. It points southward along Phet Kasem road towards Khao Lak Mountain, the other side of which is Khao Lak Village. The vehicles traveling to the left are heading northward towards the rest of La On, then Bang Niang and beyond to the other villages that comprise the area.

Vehicles turning into and out of a side street on the same side as the webcam only a few meters away, can also be seen. This street is called Nang Thong Road and it leads from the Nang Thong corner supermarket to Nang Thong Beach, which is approximately 600 meters away and a short leisurely walk of less than 10 minutes. Nang Thong beach is one of several beautiful beaches in the Khao Lak area. I have spent many hours watching sunsets along its shore in the evenings, especially when the Khao Lak climate favours fine days rather than tropical storms!

It is currently tourist low season in Thailand so there aren’t too many vehicles traveling along the main street. This changes dramatically during the high season, which broadly lasts from around November to May each year. I often motorcycle my way from where I live in Bang Niang to the Khao Lak town center featured in this live video, either to sit on Nang Thong beach and watch the sunsets or to shop in the supermarket. Even though I enjoy Thai food, sometimes I just have to have Western food and confectionery to feed my sugar habit. Strangely enough, Thai cuisine is very lean on desserts!

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