There are many things to do in Khao Lak that would keep a person enjoyably occupied for an entire holiday; things like markets, bars, restaurants, beaches, shopping, diving, and much more. The various villages of Khao Lak do provide many of the activities that single travelers, couples on romantic getaways, and families would delight in. However, there are times when leaving Khao Lak and venturing into surrounding areas is well worth it. Such is the case for participating in the annual Chinese New Year Parade in Thai Mueang, a town that is approximately 34 kms to the south of the Khao Lak centre.

Although both Khao Lak and Thai Mueang are located in Phang Nga province, Thai Mueang is much less touristy. There is a strong contingency of Thai-Chinese people, many of whom are descendants of Chinese entrepreneurs who came to Thailand sometime in the 19th century. Each year the Chinese New Year is celebrated in the streets of Thai Mueang with a large and engaging parade. This year the procession was conducted on 10th of February.

In Chinese astrology, the year 2019 is the year of the pig, which is the final sign in the repeating 12-year sequence of the Chinese zodiac. People who are born during the year of the pig are presumed to have the characteristics of diligence, compassion and generosity. They are also recognized as having very strong concentration capabilities, and are supposed to be able to remain calm in the face of challenging troubles!

Several Thailand festivals occur during the year; however, the Chinese New Year parade in Thai Mueang is one of the most robust, entertaining, and particularly raucous! Noise is amicably provided by drums beating, the hearty clanging of metal plates, and long lines of linked firecrackers going off at high volumes! There are also people in the parade with thin metal cylinders inserted into one side of the jaw and pushed in until it appears out the other side. These people have been filled with the “spirit” and dance and jerk their bodies until exhausted.

The Thai Mueang Chinese Parade occurs annually and can be attended by arrangements with NGA Travel Thailand in Khao Lak. This festival is not to be missed!

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