September 7, 2019. Today we had sunshine all day and a visitor right in front of our office…

The water monitor (Varanus salvator) is a large lizard native to South and Southeast Asia.
Breeding maturity is attained for males when they are a relatively modest 40 cm long and weigh 1 kg, and for females at 50 cm.
However, they grow much larger throughout life, adults rarely exceed 1.5 – 2 m in length, but the largest specimen on record, from Sri Lanka, measured 3.21 m.
Water monitors defend themselves using their tails, claws, and jaws. They are excellent swimmers, using the raised fin on their tails to steer through water. They are carnivores, and have a wide range of foods. They are known to eat fish, frogs, rodents, birds, crabs, and snakes. They have also been known to eat turtles, as well as young crocodiles and crocodile eggs.

Top temperature: 32C Feels like 36C


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