September 10, 2019.Sunny and hot day in Khao Lak area today, few clouds here and there with the sun dominating.
Top temperature: 30C Feels like 34C

Today we went to the immigration office in Phang Nga, Jay to notify the change of residence, and Anders to get a one-year non-immigrant ‘B’ visa extension. After the immigration we went to have Brunch at the famous Talad Kwang noodle restaurant in Phang Nga Town. The owner ‘Paew’, see image below, is the fourth generation owner and the restaurant has been located at that same spot since 1915.

Translation of the image hanging on the wall inside Talad Kwang:
The Legend of Talad Kwang Noodles
Talad Kwang noodles shop was started in 1915 on Talad Kwang Road, Muang, Phang Nga. As it was located on Talad Kwang Road, then we used the name of the road to be the name of the restaurant. The grandfather Gee Sae-Ngor who was Cantonese brought the noodle recipes from China. Now the business is continually going on, run by the fourth generation.
We select the quality of ingredients and moreover we use a lot of eggs mixing in the noodles. It is daily homemade noodles, without any conservation powder. It is unique style. It tastes good with roasted red pork and stewed with pork leg that is our own secret recipes. We serve with the soup that cooks for more than 3 hours to get the stock soup. We have been here for more than 100 years.

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