About the Scandinavian Corner

The Scandinavian Corner is located in Khuekkhak Village, which is approximately 7 km from La On, also known as the Khao Lak centre. A taxi can take travellers to the Scandinavian Corner in as little as 5 minutes from Nang Thong Supermarket. The man who owns the complex is named Anders. He was born in Gotland, a relatively large Swedish island in the Baltic Sea surrounded by several countries, including Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and others. He worked as a seaman traveling the world, and the first time he came to Thailand was in 1976. He can surely tell many stories of his adventures on the seven seas, as well as his time in Thailand; now he puts his efforts into running the Scandinavian Corner. The complex includes a large restaurant section at the front of the compound which is adjacent to the Offshore Bar. A taxi service and bikes for rent are also provided, and there are 2 nifty bungalows for rent at the back of the compound. A room for rent is available in the main house as well.

The Scandinavian Corner Restaurant & Bar in Khuekkhak Village, Khao Lak

The food served in the restaurant is best described as hearty European-style cuisine, or, as Anders joked, no-rice meals. As much as I enjoy Thai food, occasionally I do crave the more familiar “filling” Western food. To that end, periodic Sunday barbecues are particularly worthwhile attending. On the cuisine are sausages, baked potatoes, chicken, pork ribs, corn-on-the-cob, and skewed vegetables and meat. A variety of drinks can be obtained from the Offshore Bar, but beer is the most suitable on these occasions. In short, the Sunday barbecues come with great food, an assortment of Thai beers to choose from, and of course, good company!

Scandinavian Corner
Khuekkhak, Ban Khao Lak
Phangnga 82210

Typical Food at the Scandinavian Corner
Restaurant & Bar, Khao Lak

Why the Scandinavian Corner in Khao Lak?

The name, the “Scandinavian Corner”, came about because the owner is from Sweden, and Sweden is one of several countries that comprise a region in northern Europe known as Scandinavia. There are 3 countries that are commonly considered as belonging to Scandinavia. These countries are: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Finland is often included as it shares common economic, geologic and cultural attributes with the other three countries. The inclusion of Iceland and Greenland into this family of nations has resulted in the name, Nordic, being used for this conglomerate. All of these 6 countries have similar language characteristics that derive from northern Germanic languages and dialects. The term “mutually intelligible” has been used to describe their commonality. I recently listened to a group of men gathered in the Scandinavian Corner talking. I speak German, and every now-and-then I recognised a sound quality that made my ears prick up. I also listened with particular fascination as a Greenlander friend of mine communicated freely in his native Danish language with some of the Swedish guys that had gathered together for a Sunday barbecue. He spoke Danish and they spoke Swedish, yet they all understood each other. That’s one of the great things about Khao Lak – there’s a multitude of languages and cultures in the region. They don’t, however, always understand each other!

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