Sarasin Bridge is situated on the north end of the island of Phuket and has to be crossed when traveling by car or motorcycle from Khao Lak to Phuket. The journey from Khao Lak to the bridge takes about 1 hour, while a further hour must be taken in order to get to Phuket town. On the Khao Lak side, 2 major towns are passed: Thai Mueang and Khok Kloi. The former town is well-known for the annual Thai Mueang Chinese New Year Parade, while the latter town has a smaller population but does contain several major car manufacturers such as Ford and Toyota.

Sarasin Bridge is approximately 700m long. It was built in the 60s to replace the ferry service which was, at the time, the only way to travel between Phang Nga and Phuket provinces. In 2012, a second bridge called Thepkasattri Bridge, was constructed beside Sarasin Bridge. Only vehicles are now permitted to cross Thepkasattri Bridge, while Sarasin Bridge is the sole domain of pedestrians. It should be noted that when people speak of Sarasin Bridge, they are generally referring to both bridges.

Since its completion, Sarasin Bridge has become quite a tourist attraction. Panoramic views from a platform built in in the middle of the pedestrian bridge, are quite amazing. On the east side, one can see beautiful Phang Nga Bay, while on the west side there is a terrific view of the water leading out to the Andaman Sea. Anglers can often be seen casting their rods into the water on the west side, wanting to fill their buckets with squid and other types of fish, while tourists from many parts of the globe take photographs.

It should be noted that there is a border checkpoint on the Phuket side of the bridge. The checkpoint is not always manned, but even when there are officers checking vehicles, most cars are waved through with only cursory glances. There is also a lengthy beach between the border checkpoint and Sarasin Bridge, where several food stands have been set up to sell cold soft-drinks and typical Thai snacks. On the north side of the bridge, several shops that have been built on the side of the road sell things such as dried fish, souvenirs, drinks and beach toys.

Spending time on Sarasin Bridge may not seem like one of the most exciting things to do in Khao Lak or its surrounds, but many people do make the journey between Phuket and Khao Lak, and must, therefore, cross the bridge. There is ample parking space on the north side of the bridge if traveling by car.


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