September 8, 2019. The Khao Lak weather today is partly cloudy, but when the sun breaks through the clouds it really burns. As the UV Index is very high this time of year, I wouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes in the sun on a day like this. And then from around 17:30 it started to rain hard for about two hours and then normal rain into the night.

The long-tail boat is native to Southeast Asia. It comes in many sizes and a second hand car engine usually powers it. The engine is mounted on a pole so the engine can rotate 180 degrees so the boat can be steered with the propeller, it is also possible to lift the propeller out of the water if no thrust is needed. The long-tail boats transporting tourist always have a canopy.
The boat in the image above is a “visa-run boat” taking people from Ranong to Kawthaung and back.
The boat in the video below is racing boat.

Top temperature: 31C Feels like 35C


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