La On

La On

La On is situated immediately to the north of Khao Lak Mountain. It has often mistakenly been called Khao Lak; however, the Thai locals know this area as La On.

La On is one of the more popular villages in the Khao Lak region. It has a variety of accommodations, ranging from high-end hotels to more budget oriented establishments. In particular, it has several hotels and resorts along the beach road adjacent to Nang Thong Beach. The evening sunsets over the Andaman Sea horizon can be spectacular here!

La On is serviced by many restaurants that dish up an abundance of different cuisines such as Indian, Italian, seafood, vegetarian, and of course Thai food. Groceries can be readily bought at NangThong Supermarket which caters to Westerners in particular.

La On is also home to many bars and cafes which are filled with travelers from all over the world during the high season, which lasts from around November to April each year.

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