Cape Pakarang

Cape Pakarang

Cape Pakarang is more than just an interesting getaway in the Khao Lak area. The Cape protrudes into the Andaman Sea in-between Khuekkhak beach to the south and Pak Weep beach to the north. Fantastic views of both of these beaches are readily offered.

Cape Pakarang does not have a long white-sand beach, commonly found amongst the other beaches in the Khao Lak area. Instead, it is lightly treed and full of fragmented coral. (The word “Pakarang” actually means “coral” in the Thai language.) Local fishermen can be seen along the beach catching small fish.

The Cape is easily accessible by motorcycle or car along a road that is approximately 5 kms long. Several restaurants, shops (including a shop selling alcoholic beverages), and tour agencies line the route. Surprisingly, Cape Pakarang is a good surfing destination during the tourist low-season between April and November. There are many and varied breaks that fluctuate with the different winds.

Most of all, Cape Pakarang is a beautifully serene destination, particularly suitable for visitors wanting to spend time away from the more bustling atmospheres of the Khao Lak villages to the south.

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