Bangsak Village is the north-most village in the Khao Lak region. It is approximately 12 kms from Bang Niang, and takes about 10 minutes to get there by car. The main feature of the Bangsak Village area is Bangsak Beach, which has a shoreline of more than 5 kms of fine, yellowish sand. During the tourist high season, the water is pristinely clear and mostly flat, allowing visitors to go swimming. During the low season, however, monsoons produces rough and murky waters. There are few coconut palm trees along the shore; instead, the ever-present casuarina tree dominates the landscape.

Bangsak Village is predominantly suited for visitors wanting a more relaxed experience in an isolated area. There are only a few restaurants in the area, and virtually no entertainment venues. The Beach itself is set a good distance from the main road, offering guests the opportunity for mostly quiet holidays. Renting a motorized vehicle such as a car or motorcycle, however, allows visitors to explore the region by day, yet still experience the nightlife, restaurants and shopping centers of villages to the south like Bang Niang and La On.

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