Ban Thung Wa Nok

Ban Thung Wa Nok

The village of Ban Thung Wa Nok lies at the northern end of the 4 km stretch of straight road from La On. Although not as vibrant as La On or Bang Niang, there are some useful facilities associated with the village.

The only gym in the Khao Lak area, the Body Balance Gym, is at the southern end. It is close to the lake which has a 1.5 km perimeter walkway/bicycle track for exercising. The Ban Thung Wa Nok Market (sometimes referred to as the Khuekkhak Market), is open every day from early morning to around midday. Opposite the market is the Khao Lakā€“Bang Niang Transport Station where tickets can be purchased for bus trips. There are also several large hardware-type stores next to the bus station.

Ban Thung Wa Nok contains the Andaman Hub Medical Centre where an ambulance is available to take emergency patients to Takua Pa hospital approximately 25 kms away. The PhangNga Meterological Station with the large temperature gauge for viewing purposes, is nearby.

A few hotels dot the village as well.

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