The Villages of Khao Lak

Khao Lak consists of a series of small villages extending from Khao Lak Village in the south to Bang Sak in the north. In-between these two communities lie several zones, each having an associated beach, as well as each having their own distinct characteristics. Mistakenly, when people refer to Khao Lak, they are actually referring to La On (containing Nang Thong Beach), which is just north of the small mountain range featuring the Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park.

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Khao Lak Village

Khao Lak Village is situated on the southern side of the Khao Lak Mountain. It is a small village containing several shops, massage parlors, hotels and restaurants. The walkway along the beach overlooks the Andaman Sea. Want to read more about Khao Lak Village? Click here: Khao Lak Village.

La On

La On is situated in the heart of the Khao Lak area. Lots of shops, restaurants, diving centers and bars. It has a wonderful beach and a  large supermarket (Nang Thong Supermarket) designed especially for Westerners. Want to read more about La On? Click here: La On.

Bang Niang

Bang Niang is a vibrant village with plenty of interesting activities to keep one entertained. The Bang Niang (Chong Fah) Market is the central attraction which includes produce, restaurants, bars and shops. Want to read more about Bang Niang: Click here: Bang Niang.

Ban Thung Wa Nok

Ban Thung Wa Nok is the next village north of Bang Niang. It does not have the variety of its southern counterparts, but it has a wonderful market full of produce. The sole gasoline station is situated nearby. Want to read more about Ban Thung Wa Nok? Click here: Ban Thung Wa Nok.


Khuekkhak is a mostly residential area, but it has some unusual restaurants, as well as the Rainbow Waterfall which is only a few kms from the main road. It is also an access point to the beautiful Khuekkhak Beach. Want to read more about Ban Khuekkhak? Click here: Khuekkhak.

Cape Pakarang (Khaya Village)

Cape Pakarang is situated right on the coast, approximately 5 kms west of Khaya Village. It contains a few restaurants and resorts, and is one of the most serene places in the Khao Lak area. Want to read more about Cape Pakarang? Click here: Cape Pakarang.

Pak Weep

Pak Weep is a small village extending from the main road leading in and out of the village, to Pak Weep Beach which lies at the end of the Beach Road. The Beach road itself overlooks the Andaman Sea and is picturesque. Want to read more about Pak Weep? Click here: Pak Weep.


Bangsak is located at the northern end of the Khao Lak region, and is about a 10-15 minutes’ drive away from the main centers to the south. The beach is a highlight of the area, and features a long stretch of sandy shore. Want to read more about Bangsak? Click here: Bangsak.

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