Thailand Living Costs – Khao Lak

Living in Thailand Just like any other country in the world, the cost of living in Thailand is very much dependant on which region or city you live in. If you decide to reside mainly in one of the hotels, or choose another periodic accommodation option, the cost can...

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Living in Thailand, Khao Lak

Is Living in Khao Lak for Everyone? Living in Khao Lak is not for everyone. There, I’ve said it. The thing is, wherever you go you take yourself with you. No matter what characteristics and foibles you have as part of your make-up, they accompany you to wherever you...

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Khao Lak Webcam in La On Village

The Khao Lak webcam featured in this live video sits on top of a 3-storey building located in what is generally considered the Khao Lak centre. It points southward along Phet Kasem road towards Khao Lak Mountain, the other side of which is Khao Lak Village. The...

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