Of the many challenges that can arise living in Khao Lak, navigating through regular fluctuations in the Khao Lak weather can be particularly difficult, especially during the rainy season. If you are safely ensconced inside a restaurant, however, the passing time can be used for much-needed contemplation and reflection; that is, if you don’t immediately resort to your smart-phone! This evening, I have made my way to the Thai Curry House Restaurant which is located on the main street of Bang Niang, just a 5-miute walk north on the same side as the Bang Niang market. I am almost through a somewhat spiced-up spaghetti bolognaise, when suddenly the Khao Lak temperature takes a dive and I hear a rumble overhead that sounds something like the rumble in my stomach. I pull my Samsung Galaxy S7 smart-phone out of my bag and swiftly make my way to the front of the restaurant. This is one of those occasions when having a good smart-phone does pay off! Anyway, I look on to the street and start filming. As I swing the camera from right to left over a 180-degree arc, I notice there are cars and motorcycles making their way through the deluge. Even under the best of conditions, Thai roads are not to be driven upon while being distracted by other things, but when a storm hits, it’s probably best to wait until it completely passes by. This is particularly true for those, like me, who get around on a motor-scooter. The red Yamaha mio Fino that you see sitting so desolately on the video is mine – given the ferocity of the storm, I wonder if it will survive!

The Curry House Khao Lak Restaurant in Bang Niang

It’s a good thing the ladies who run the Thai Curry House Restaurant have kindly allowed me to sit inside the building until it’s safe to venture forth. Given the rainy season in Khao Lak can last up to 6 months, they have probably experienced this situation many times before! Khao Lak weather is remarkably erratic at times, and it can change very quickly and frequently in any one day, from one form to another. Today we have had a mixture of light rain, fine and cloudy, sunshine peeking through, howling winds, and of course, now, the storm itself. Fortunately for me, the Khao Lak temperature never goes below 23C, and that occurs only rarely. Most of the time the temperature varies between 25C at night and 30C during the day.

With the amount of enjoyable things to do in Khao Lak, like strolling on one of the many pristine beaches in the area, or eating and drinking in a café, restaurant or bar with friends, you might think that sitting hopelessly in a café waiting who knows how long for a storm to pass by, would not be one of them. You might just be correct in your assessment. However, I have become somewhat accustomed to the Khao Lak weather, although after spending around 7 years in the region, it might just be time for me to buy a car!

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