Which questions are most asked about Khao Lak?

I have answered several common questions potential visitors ask when they consider traveling to Khao Lak. If you have more, you can contact us by email via the Contact page. We always welcome your inquiries!

1. Where is Khao Lak and how do I get there?
The Khao Lak region is located on the south-west coast of Thailand next to the Andaman Sea. It comprises several villages covering a distance of around 20 km. Check out the arrangement of the Khao Lak Villages.

The nearest airport to the Khao Lak area is Phuket International Airport. It takes approximately 60 minutes by car to get to Khao Lak Village, and 10 and 12 minutes more, respectively, to get to La On and Bang Niang. Taxis cost around 1,500 baht ($45). There are several flights every day from Bangkok to Phuket (and vice-versa). Flight time is about 80 minutes.

2. When is the best time to visit Khao Lak?
Climatically, there are essentially 2 seasons; the wet season which lasts from May to October, and the dry season which goes from November to April. This parallels the tourist low season (May to October) and high season (November to April), except there is also a peak period around Christmas and New Year. There is a big difference between the number of tourists in the 2 seasons.  If you like crowds, then the high season is for you; if you prefer quieter times, then the low season is for you. Accommodation costs can increase dramatically during the high and peak seasons.
3. Do I need a visa to enter Thailand?
Whether you need a visa to visit Thailand depends on which country you are a citizen. For many countries, citizens can enter Thailand at the airport of arrival for up to 30 days without a visa, providing an exit ticket such as a plane reservation is provided. For longer than 30 days, and up to 6 months, a visa is required prior to entering Thailand. Visa runs are common (eg to Myanmar via Ranong), but the authorities periodically clamp down on such activities. There are other types of visas, such as a Retirement Extension to a Non-Immigrant O visa. Each type of visa has its own particular requirements. The Retirement “Visa” for example, requires applicants be over 50 years of age, they must already have a Non-Immigrant O Visa, and they must have a certain amount of money in a Thai bank. Other criteria must also be met. The particular requirements for different types of visas can be found on Thailand immigration and embassy websites, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand.
4. What are the current exchange rates?

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5. What are the Khao Lak beaches like?
The Khao Lak region extends for approximately 20 km from Khao Lak Village in the south to Bangsak in the north. There are many white-sand beaches along this coastline. What they all have in common is they have hotels and resorts that are either next to the beaches themselves or within very short walking distances. Click Khao Lak beach for more detailed information.
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