An Invitation to Organizers of Activities and Events in Khao Lak

Are you planning a community activity or event to take place in the Khao Lak region and would like to publicize it? Perhaps you are organizing a clean-up at one of the beaches or parks and want to get people coming along to provide assistance. Maybe you are planning to raise funds for a local community organization. Or possibly you are involved in supporting the well-being of animals and want to publicize a particular activity or event. Whatever your intention, we are pleased to provide free publicity on our web-site as well as on our various social media platforms. We have lived in the Khao Lak region for many years and would like to contribute to the community we have been a part of during this time.


We are happy to provide our services for activities and events that are being managed by not-for-profit organizations and are associated with genuine community groups. We will, however, assess each request on a case-by-case basis. Thus, if the particular event is to some degree a profit-making venture, but is clearly wholesome and of value to the community, then we will consider it for inclusion in our program.

What You Need to Send Us

If you have an event or activity you wish to publicize in the Khao Lak region, send us an email directly (or via the Contact page) providing information on the nature of that activity or event. If it is suitable, we will request you provide us with details such as text, images, flyers, banners, etc. Please allow for as long a time as possible before the date of the planned activity or event so we can create the best possible presentations on our various Internet platforms.

Cheers! The Directory Khao Lak Team



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