When people think of a Khao Lak beach what comes to mind? Is it, how many beaches are there in the area? Or perhaps, are the beaches wide and extensive?  Maybe the quality of the beaches and how far away they are from the Khaolak center and associated accommodation, is of paramount importance. Whatever the consideration might be, suffice to say that of the many things to do in Khao Lak, sitting on one of the beaches or swimming in the adjacent Andaman Sea is bound to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Prior to shifting to Khao Lak in 2011, I spent most of my life living on the East Coast of Australia, a long stretch of coastline that has some of the best beaches in the world. The continent is also a wonderful place for travelling in general, and it’s worth looking up the 100 BEST THINGS TO DO IN AUSTRALIA. Having confessed my love of Australian beaches, however, I also love the Khao Lak beaches, and have, indeed, spent many a day and evening on each one. Of course, the Khao Lak weather determines to some extent just how accessible the beaches actually are. During the dry season from around November to April, the beaches are relatively calm and swimming is readily available. During the wet season, however, the waters of the beaches can be choppy, especially in the midst of storms. Fortunately for me, however, the temperature of the waters is always around 30C, which suits me down to the ground. Most of the year on the east coast of Australia I cannot swim in any of the beaches because the waters are too cold, even during the summer months!

The Beaches in the Khao Lak Region

Each of the 8 villages of Khao Lak has an associated beach. The southern villages of Khao Lak Village, La On, Bang Niang, Ban Thung Wa Nok and Khuekkhak are closer to the busier touristy areas, while the northern villages of Cape Pakarang, Pak Weep and Bangsak are relatively quiet. Many of the Khao Lak hotels located in the northern area have shuttle services that operate regularly to the southern villages. All the beaches are white-sand and they all have hotels that are either right on the beaches themselves or within very short walking distance. The only exception to this is Cape Pakarang which does not have a beach per-se, but rather a shoreline that contains sand interspersed with small stones. Nevertheless, Cape Pakarang is, in my opinion, the most pristine of places in Khao Lak, and it remains as my favourite place next to the Andaman Sea for quiet contemplation.

The Khao Lak beaches are simply delightful, and spending time on them is a wonderful way to relax. The southern beaches also have cafes, restaurants and massage huts on the shorelines that will enhance the relaxation, as well as contribute to experiencing Thailand at its best!

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