Like most of Thailand, the Khao Lak rainy season goes from roughly May to October each year. But what does the “rainy season” actually mean? Does it rain every day? Is the average Khao Lak temperature during the rainy season significantly less than that in the dry season? And most importantly, can you get a tan during the rainy season? In this video, the main Bang Niang road was filmed during a particularly sunny day in June. It was sunny throughout the day as the temperature reached around the 33C mark. There was not much traffic, partly because June happens to be in the middle of the low tourist season, but also because filming took place on a Tuesday when the Bang Niang market was closed. There is a significant increase in activity when the Bang Niang Market is open.

Although June is one of the months with the most rainfall (there are on average 21 rainy days and 238mm of rain during June), there are still significant periods when the sun shines, as the video testaments. On such days, getting around the Khao Lak area is easier, especially if you are riding a motorcycle. And, if you are so inclined, there are several beaches in the region that still provide the 3 s’s – sand, surf and swimming. The monthly mean water temperature in June in Khao Lak is a relatively high 29.5C. One of the main reasons I live in Khao Lak, Thailand, is because the climate is hot all year round; the other reason is that because the average sea-water temperature is never less than 27C, I can swim comfortably all year round! This was not the case when I lived in Sydney, in my native Australia. The temperature of the Pacific Ocean water in Sydney in the summer, peaks between 22C to 25C, while in the winter it is a freezing 16C to 19C.

A Sunny Day in The Khao Lak Rainy Season

June may be part of the Khao Lak rainy season, but there is still sufficient sunshine. The average number of hours of sunshine in June is 150, which comes to around 5 hours per day. That’s enough for accomplishing most things. In any case, when it does rain in Bang Niang, or storms break out, one can always park oneself in a restaurant or bar until the rain passes by. On most occasions, that will take no more than 1 hour. The Khao Lak weather can be variable at times, but it’s pretty much always hot…. And that’s the bottom line of why I live in Khao Lak!

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