There are many things to do in Khao Lak no matter what state the Khao Lak weather is in. When it’s sunny there are numerous beaches to swim in, as well as many restaurants and bars in the region to while away the hours. Even though today is hot and sunny and I could go for a swim in the nearby Bang Niang Beach, I am due for a massage. Massaging is an institution in Thailand. Numerous parlors can be found in every city or town. Khao Lak is no exception with upwards of 30 massage shops. I have not had one for some time, so I get on my motor-scooter in the late morning and go to a massage shop I have passed by many times but have not yet tried. It’s called Indy Massage, and it is located on the main thoroughfare of Khao Lak approximately 500 meters north of Bang Niang Market on the same side. It is next to a local supermarket that used to be called “Petch” but now has a Thai name.

The owner of the shop is “Aum”, whose daughter’s name is “In”. The second syllable of the name of the shop, “Indy”, comes from the Thai word “dii” which means “good”. And that’s precisely the type of massage I received… except it was a whole lot better than good! Aum has tremendous surety in the way she navigates the body from toes to head. I particularly like strong oil massages, which is exactly what I got. The best part of the session was when Aum massaged the inside of my hands. The palms are particularly sensitive to touch and pressure, and she was able to knead them in a way that felt genuinely exquisite. The Khao Lak temperature outside was probably upwards of 30C, but the air-conditioning inside was adjusted to just the right temperature for me. I am not usually prone to make hasty or rash statements, but I have to say that Aum gave me the best massage I have received in Khao Lak! At the end of the massage I sat on one of the nearby chairs and was provided with a freshly brewed concoction made from leaves and purple flowers. I left feeling tremendously relaxed which stayed with me for the rest of the day.

If there is any doubt whatsoever about what to do in Khao Lak, then don’t hesitate. Make your way to Indy Massage and partake in one of the best features of being in Thailand. Indy Massage has a Facebook page.

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