Hotels in the Khao Lak Area

Find The Best Khao Lak Hotel for Your Holiday

Finding the right accommodation is critical for an enjoyable holiday. Where is the hotel located? Is it close to the beach and entertainment venues? What types of transport are readily available? Will there be access to the Internet via Wi-Fi? What type of amenities are there in the hotel? And, of course, what is the daily tariff?

There are close to 200 hotels located in the hamlets that span from Khao Lak Village on the south side of Khao Lak Mountain, to Bangsak which is approximately 20 kms north. In-between lie a further 6 hamlets or villages, all with their unique characteristics.

Click on any of the images below to see which hotels are positioned in which of the 8 villages contained within the Khao Lak area. You can then navigate to a page with information about a particular hotel, and how to book it for your holiday.

We trust you will find the right hotel for your needs.

Have a great holiday!

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