Thailand is a fascinating place. So is its history. Currently, there are around 65 million citizens, 95% of whom are Buddhist, making Thailand the second largest Buddhist nation in the world behind China. Thailand is considered to have not been colonised by any European country, which is unique in South-East Asia.

Like all nations, Thailand comprises the good and the bad. Getting an historical perspective on the country is useful for understanding some of the things that contribute to the country’s makeup. Which dynasties or kingdoms controlled the vast tract of land once called Siam by the outside world, but now universally known as Thailand? How did wars affect the evolving nation? What political alliances influenced the development of boundaries and borders?

This video about the history of Thailand is a quick 5-minute summary of the main events that contributed to the country’s geopolitical progression. It is not exhaustive (how could it be in only 5 minutes?), but it provides a reasonable introduction to the forces that shaped Thailand nationhood.

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