4 September, 2019. Today was a cloudy day with a few heavy showers here and there, it would rain hard for about 5-10 minutes at a time, then it would stop and just get hot. High humidity and the sky covered in clouds keep the high temperature close to the ground.

Today’s picture shows the aftermath five minutes after an accident. A car and a motorbike collided which left the two people who were on the motorbike on the ground. The volunteers from the Rescue Service were on the scene 5 minutes later and took the two victims to the hospital, luckily today no-one was seriously injured. You want to rent a motorbike? Remember this; just like where you come from YOU HAVE TO WEAR A HELMET, if the police catch you without one you will be taken to the police station. And what do you think happens to your skin when sliding along on the tarmac wearing only shorts and flip-flops? 

Top temperature: 29C feels like 32C.


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