On most evenings, especially during the high season, the skies are clear and the Khao Lak temperature dips to a pleasant level. Outdoor activities become more practical … and enjoyable! This is a time when what to do in Khao Lak, and where to do it, becomes easy for me to resolve. I like to eat at restaurants and drink at bars that are not closeted away with whining air-conditioners inside some building, but rather are open to the environment and watching the activities of people as they stroll up and down the street. Tonight, I have already wolfed down my favourite spaghetti bolognaise dish on an outside bench at the Curry House Khao Lak in Bang Niang, and am keen to spend a little time nursing a beer or a Baileys at an outside bar on the main street. I walk directly across the road, and amble up to Bee Cocktails.

Bee Cocktails

Which brings me to the topic of bar-girls in Thailand. My initial experience of Thai bar-girls was soon after I first visited Thailand in 2011. I was sitting on a stool in a bar drinking a gin-and-tonic in Bangla Road, Patong, when my somewhat weak bladder initiated a rather funny, and illuminating experience. The thing to note here is that although Khao Lak does have “beer bars” (aka “girly bars”), their presence does nowhere near match the hype of those found in Phuket. The few Khao Lak girly bars allow for singles, couples, and even families, to easily mingle with others at the bars, without any awkwardness or embarrassment. Khao Lak is a lot more laid-back than Phuket, which is one of the main reasons I live in Khao Lak rather than Phuket!

Chocolate ice-cream from Bee Cocktails in Khao Lak

Chocolate ice-cream concoction

Bee Cocktails includes an adjacent café which serves breakfast all day, as well as a great chocolate ice-cream concoction. I am not in the mood this evening for alcohol so I order the ice-cream concoction and sit at the bar. My disposition clearly indicates that I do not want the lascivious attention of the bar-girls, so I am left mostly to myself while enjoying the passers-by. I chat intermittently with Bee, who speaks enough English to engage in a decent conversation.

The Khao Lak weather is holding up well, so when I finish the ice-cream I leave the bar and walk home contentedly. I like the ease with which Thai people treat others, and each other, which is another reason why I continue to live in Thailand.


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