My first post under the category “Bars”, is a story I wrote in 2011 titled “Bangla Road, Patong”, which was published in “Narrator International”, an online publication dedicated to new and emerging creative writers. As the title suggests, the event described did not take place in one of the Khao Lak bars, but rather in Patong, a well-known Mecca for bars located on the island of Phuket. It was my first experience in a Thai bar and the results were both informative and funny. Soon after, I booked a room for 1 month at the “Palm Beach”, a set of bungalows in the south-east part of the island, where I befriended a guy who was in the process of shifting to Khao Lak. A few months later I began the process of shifting to Khao Lak myself. Although Khao Lak bars are very different to those in Phuket, especially Bangla Road Patong, my time in Phuket was a great introduction into one of the major reasons many tourists come to Thailand – Thai bar girls! I will discuss Khao Lak bars in future posts.

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