Get Fitted at The Best Tailor in Khao Lak

There are many worthwhile and enjoyable things to do in Khao Lak. One of the things that is not often referred to in travel itineraries, is to get a fitted item of clothing at a tailor shop. Holidaying in Khao Lak, however, provides a great opportunity to get a garment that has been expertly put together. Enter “Alif’s The Tailor” whose owner is locally known as Mr. Moon. The shop is situated in Soi Bang Niang, between the main Khao Lak/Bang Niang road and Bang Niang beach, on the right-hand-side as you walk towards the beach. A leisurely walk from the Bang Niang market will take as little as 5 minutes to get you there. Mr. Moon began his stay in Thailand living in Bangkok for 1 year. He then journeyed to Phuket where he opened a tailor shop. He subsequently moved to Bang Niang and opened “Alif’s TheTailor”, which has now been in operation for the past 11 years. Mr. Moon has observed the changing façade of Bang Niang over that time with great interest, and has expanded his business interests by opening an adjacent restaurant called the “Halal Restaurant”. In the video above, my friend Anders is trying on a shirt that had previously been fitted for him by Mr. Moon. Anders intends going to a wedding celebration, and he figured it would be appropriate to smarten his look for the occasion! Alif’s The Tailor has a Facebook page that shows some of the items of clothing Mr. Moon has made for customers.

Famous Halal Restaurant in Khao Lak

While Mr. Moon operates the tailor shop, his wife runs the adjacent “Halal Restaurant”. She also assists with the travel agency that is located in front of the shops. The restaurant serves a selection of Thai food and Indian food that is cooked according to the specifications outlined in the Islamic dietary tradition. I have had the good fortune of eating many times at the restaurant, and have ordered both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Indian food is my favorite cuisine so I have focused mainly on the choice delicacies offered by that style of cooking. In particular, I have ordered several different chicken curries and a few of the vegetarian dishes as well. If you are sensitive to hot and spicy food, then it would be a good idea to ask for the mild versions or not spicy at all, especially when ordering the Thai food! One particular thing I also like about the Halal Restaurant is that they provide a non-smoking section inside the building. Thailand has yet to embrace smoking restrictions that are fully operable in public places in many Western countries, including my native Australia.

Mr. Moon is one of the best and most experienced Khao Lak tailors, and his wife knows how to provide scrumptious Indian and Thai food. An evening getting a fitted suit made, followed by a chicken curry with saffron rice, cucumber yoghurt and naan, then organizing a trip or tour for the following day, is a way of spending an evening in the Khao Lak region that is well worth it!

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