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Why I Live in Khao Lak

Hello, my name is Eddie. In 2011 I visited Phuket, Thailand, for the first time. I love the heat and Thailand proved to be hot the entire time! I befriended a guy who was about to shift to Khao Lak. He invited me to visit him, which I did a few months later.

Soon after, I rented a house approximately 1 km away from the main street of Bang Niang, one of the villages in the Khao Lak area, and have lived there ever since. I occasionally visit my home in Melbourne, Australia, to keep in touch with family and friends.

What is so special about Khao Lak, and Thailand altogether? Well, I love the freedom of zipping around town on my motor-scooter, and eating Thai food which is delicious and cheap. The area has both Thai and Western restaurants, including those that serve my favourite cuisine, Indian food! Thai people are friendly, and although the Thai language is not easy to learn, I have acquired sufficient proficiency enabling me to arrange banking and immigration items necessary for staying in the country.

There are several markets in the Khao Lak area which provide fresh local produce. They also have cafes, restaurants, bars, hardware, and clothes shops. Several doctors’ clinics are available in the Khao Lak area, as are pharmacists and dental establishments. The nearest hospital is in Takua Pa, only a 25-minute drive from the main Khao Lak villages.

Traveling to and from Khao Lak is not difficult either. Phuket airport is only about 70 minutes away, so traveling back home and to places like Bangkok are relatively easy to arrange. Cheap flights abound – the last return flight I took from Phuket to Bangkok cost only 3,800 baht (approximately USD$120)!

Although paradise on earth is a fantasy, the plusses of visiting or living in Khao Lak outweigh the minuses. That’s why I live here.



Eddie out the back of his house in Bang Niang

Video of Khao Lak

Why I Participate in Directory Khao Lak

I feel fortunate to be living in Thailand, especially Khao Lak. Having gone through the process of organising all necessary immigration and banking items in order to stay in Thailand, I am in a good position to help others who wish to pursue a similar course of action.

I have eaten at many restaurants, stayed in local hotels, spent a good deal of time in bars, bought food at the various local markets, and shopped in the villages of Khao Lak. Unfortunately, I also had to be hospitalized for kidney stones, but I now know my way around the medical facilities in the area as well!

Foremost, I enjoy communicating with others about things that interest me. Life in Thailand and Khao Lak interests me, and Directory Khao Lak provides the vehicle through which I can share these interests. I designed this website so it has also provided me with a way of honing my web-design capabilities.


Want To Have An On-Going Dialogue?

Several topics have been created on the Khao Lak news section of this website. I am keen to maintain on-going dialogues with visitors to the site about several matters concerning life in Khao Lak. Like everywhere else, of course, it’s not all good… and it’s not all bad! Having lived here for several years, I at least know how to avoid the pitfalls that visitors can fall into.

So, join in the discussion, and let’s keep in touch.

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