October 1, 2019. A cloudy day with the sun coming through every now and then. Moderate UV Index

Top temperature: 28C Feels like 30C

Fresh coconut meat it is high in antioxidants so it is said to have healing properties. Also, the fat in coconuts is medium-chain fatty acids that is said to have anti-inflammatory effects. If you have some disturbance in the stomach, it is always recommended to drink fresh coconut water.
My friend’s dog came home once looking very wobbly and the gardener next door knew immediately what had happened, it had eaten rat poison, so he ran into the garden and cut a couple of nuts down and cut the top off and asked Bruce to open the dog’s mouth. The dog was on its back and the water from to coconuts were poured into the mouth, a bit of coughing later the dog got up and walked around like nothing had happened.
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