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Finding the best possible accommodation is one of the key ingredients for a successful holiday; fortunately there are many Khao Lak hotels to choose from, each located in one of 8 different villages that comprise the Khao Lak region. The southernmost village is formally known as Khao Lak town or simply Khao Lak, while approximately 20 km to the north lies Bangsak. All of the villages have hotels and resorts that are adjacent to, or lead directly on to one of the many beaches on the shores of the Andaman Sea.

When looking for accommodation, what are the most important elements to consider? For some the most important element might be location, such as proximity to a beach and/or whether the hotel is in the vicinity of a central area containing shops and restaurants. For families with small children it is likely to be whether there are adequate children’s facilities provided such as playrooms and suitable swimming pools. For others it might be the quality of the service and the comfortability of the guest-rooms, while for many it might be the availability of activities such as gyms and other sporting facilities. Also of importance would be the quality of the food provided by the in-house restaurants, as well as how close the hotel or resort is to bars, nightclubs and massage parlours.

There are many well-known brand hotels in the region, such as the Khao Lak Merlin Beach Resort, located in Khao Lak Village, or the Ramada Khao Lak resort near Bang Niang beach. These hotels, as well as many others that are either close to the beach or located within a short walking distance from the Khao Lak center, provide visitors with an abundance of choice and, of course, tariffs.

It is worth pointing out that the hotels and resorts located in the southern villages (Khao Lak, La On, Bang Niang and Ban Thung Wa Nok) are nearer to where most of the region’s activities and events occur, while those located in the northern villages of the region (Khuekkhak, Cape Pakarang, Pak Weep and Bangsak) tend to be quieter and more tranquil. Many of the latter hotels and resorts, however, do provide shuttle transport to the villages in the southern part of the region.

Things to do in Khao Lak

After finding the right hotel, what to do in Khao Lak becomes an important consideration. Fortunately, the region is full of activities and events to keep all types of travellers happily entertained during their visit. For example, each November Thailand people celebrate “Loy Krathong”, literally translated in English as “floating sculpture”, but better known as the Festival of Lights. In this event, a circular boat is made from a banana tree trunk cross-section or bread, decorated with lighted candles and incense, then set free to float down a river. Hair and nail clippings are also placed in the boat. People make a wish and watch their troubles vanish along with the flickering lights down the river! The night sky is also lit up by a myriad of floating lanterns that rise like helium balloons. Of course, the Khao Lak weather often determines which activity is the most appropriate. Fortunately the Thailand New Year (“Songkran”), which is celebrated every April, occurs during the dry season. The event extends for several days in Bangkok, but lasts for only 1 day in Khao Lak. Water is the key ingredient during the Songkran festival. Fire-trucks participate in the revelry by pointing their large hoses into the air and filling bins with cold water, to be taken away and placed at strategic points in the villages. Proprietors of shops lining the main roads also place large bins filled with water and ice onto the footpath. As vehicles pass by on the road, including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles, customers bring out their water-guns and spray them… and each other! The festivities usually last the entire day until participants are exhausted. Khao Lak news at its best!

Songkran Festival Celebration in Khao Lak

Why Visit Khao Lak?

Apart from finding the most appropriate accommodation, what are the things that make a holiday enjoyable? Perhaps it really is the weather; after all, lying down on a deck-chair on a delightful beach overlooking the sea – with exotic drinks being brought to you – is an inviting proposal for many people. Following a dip in the sea, imagine then being massaged in one of the open-air huts that sit atop a sandy dune positioned nearby.

Maybe you like to taste the culinary delights of a foreign culture in the evening, or mingle with others in the bars or dance clubs at night. Or go shopping in the clothes shops and markets. The Khao Lak area has several markets that all sell fresh fruit and vegetables. The Bang Niang Market, located in a central position on the main Khao Lak road, also has clothes shops, bars, and restaurants, and is open every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The Build Market, which is located about 1 km north on the same side of the road as the Bang Niang Market, has a similar variety of shops, and is next to the Build Factory music venue. It is open every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The Ban Thung Wa Nok Market (often called Khuekkhak Market) is a further 1 km north. It is essentially a food market that sells fresh fruit and vegetables as well as poultry, pork and fish, but it does also have a few clothes shops and a small eating area. The Ban Thung Wa Nok Market is open every day.

Sunset on Bang Niang Beach

Sunset on Bang Niang Beach

Perhaps a visit to a Buddhist Temple for more contemplative time is better aligned with your temperament. The Khao Lak area is dotted with ornate Buddhist Temples that are freely available for Westerners to visit and spend time in. Or maybe spending the day on a beach is more to your taste. Which is the best beach in Khao Lak is debatable, but suffice to say that all the beaches are picturesque, especially in the evenings when the sun sets in the west.

Directory Khao Lak

Directory Khao Lak is a doorway into the types of accommodation and activities of Khao Lak and adjoining villages. The information provided comes from people who began their journey in Thailand as tourists, but who have now lived in the Khao Lak area for many years. They have garnered a wealth of information and are wanting to share this material with those wishing to visit Thailand, as well as for those looking to live here, especially in the Khao Lak area.

In particular, Directory Khao Lak looks at services such as restaurants, massage parlors, bars, nightclubs and local festivals that have been enjoyed by us personally. However, because accommodation is central to successful holidaying, we have placed particular focus on hotels in the region.

Rooms can be booked through Agoda by navigating going to the hotels section of this site and clicking on the hotel you are interested in.

We hope you visit Khao Lak and enjoy what the area has to offer as much as we have!

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